• we enable new insights and real world intelligence from satellite images

  • We believe that pictures are worth a thousand words


    We let you query images for any type of information, from swimming pools to cars, buildings, empty spaces, busy parking lots, trees or whatever use case you choose.


    Human Intelligence

    We ask images questions, use human intelligence to describe their content and finally, we test and train machines to recognize the objects and attributes that a human being would look for.


  • How we do it

    Think of a baby taking its first steps and its parents helping the child to learn how to walk. That’s what we do, but with machines.

    The output

    Satellite image analysis of objects and attributes. For example, counting and measuring empty and parked spaces in grocery parking lots

    Our platform

    Combines human intelligence and machine learning to classify any target within an image, enabling macroscopical view of countless use cases and more precise predictions

    The Input

    Low cost satellite image databases and crowdsourced non-specialized workers

  • Use cases

    Retail Parking Lots

    We identify and quantify retail traffic patterns in parking lots to make retail revenue predictions

    Disease Outbreaks

    We count and measure water sources that increase risks of mosquito breeding and specifics diseases outbreaks

    Urban Trees

    We measure carbon credit generation within an urban area by counting the number of trees existing in a city

  • Our advantages


    Once machine is well trained, it scales faster

    Cost Efficiency

    Once machine is well trained, it scales faster


    Customers can have personalized use cases based on their own specific needs